M&C Allegra Foodservice brings together two of the leading specialist information providers serving the eating and drinking out market, M&C Report and Allegra Foodservice. This has created a unique combination of comprehensive daily news coverage, together with essential analysis, market data, insight and trends.

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M&C Report news service

is now available in the Market Intelligence section, under News

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Market Intelligence


Independent real-time, in-depth analysis and intelligence to give you the competitive edge and deep insight in to your market:

• Daily news and opinion
• Brands and corporate profiles & analysis
• Incisive market reports



Out-of-home food and beverage consumption data from the definitive UK EatingOut™ Panel – surveying 6,000 consumers monthly:

• Tracking of real-time consumer behaviours, participation and frequency
• Measurement of market shares and average spends
• Brand tracking and customer satisfaction

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Food Strategy Forum


Exclusive annual membership providing thought leadership and intelligence, with a constant stream of market data, consumer insight, competitive intelligence and analyst support:

• Quarterly debriefs for industry executives
• Management Briefing reports
• New concept study tours

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